I had a fun trade show booth idea that I almost used for a company...


Replicate a hockey rink with walls are half solid and half plexiglass and put vinyl logos & messaging on lower walls.


The floor would be a shiny, white with padding and then vinyl on the floor for the lines that go onto the ice.


There would be a wall flush with the REAL hockey goal with the REAL, working siren Iat least visually working...a siren noise could be super annoying) and that wall would section off the closet as well as have vinyl covering it with an image of fans in the crowd. You could even mount a TV above the goal.

The half plexiglass walls would be on two sides and hopefully you would have a booth space that would have no neighbors on either side. A neighbor on the curved side or backwall would be fine, if not desired.


Line both or either side of the booth with demos or displays.


Have a station set up right in the middle/front of the booth where people enter for them to shoot a soft nerf ball or puck into the goal. You would have two half walls, ideally soft, like an aluminum frame with a material wrap and messaging on both sides, which would keep people away from the person swinging the stick. Safety matters. Have a few sticks, left and right handed, small and large - branded for the company would be awesome. And of course plenty of balls or pucks to shoot. Give away prizes or booth giveaway swag for those that make it and use it as a chance to win a larger prize from a drawing.


Design it like a score board. Your company 10 - competitors 0! Use a shape like in the image so it looks like a score board.


To me, the best part...have the booth staff wear custom, branded Hockey Jerseys and Referee Shirts. Give the referees whistles! Maybe even have a staff member put on hockey pads, helmet and stick and defend the goal!!


Send out invitations to your booth that look like tickets to a game! Of course, be strong on your branding and messaging and include products that will be in the booth, the activity they can do by shooting a goal and giveaways. Make sure you carry the theme out through social media content, website, email signatures and email campaigns. The more you do before the event and the longer you do it, the more impact you will have for generating sales leads.

This would play incredible in Canada and northern United States.

If you do this, take photos! I want to see!

Have fun!