What makes up a good idea? Is it the fact that you just like it? Is it because it's yours?

There's that side of it...ego. I face it in myself all the time, meaning my own ego. It's a big part of my professional life...coming up with ideas for other people and businesses. Duh, right? See my silly business name. But, I have to fight my urge to say when I "KNOW" something is a good idea and should be executed on. I mean, I do it as best I can and as tactfully as I can, but sometimes, other people just don't agree.

The key is all about execution anyway. There isn't value in spending a ton of time on ideas in my opinion. That is the fast part. It's critical, but when I brainstorm, it truly is spitting out 'what-ifs' left and right until something rings true. And that is one of my favorite parts. The real work is the execution.. .the "making". Then you evaluate and adjust and go again. And again. And again. That's how you learn and get better.

There is a skill in listening to others ideas and trusting them. Effective leaders of companies know that and practice it. If you hire people that are specialized and skilled to do a job, trusting them to do that job...well, yeah, yeah....see Steve Jobs quotes.

I am NOT opposed to other people's ideas. In fact, I like the flow and brainstorming with someone else even more. And that is my suggestion to you is really consider other's ideas and maybe dig into the why if you are not sure. Let go of ego and care more about the end result than where ideas come from.

Here are my six steps to ideas and execution:

  1. Lots of ideas, fast

  2. Execute (make)

  3. Evaluate

  4. Adjust with more ideas

  5. Execute again

  6. Repeat