There are way too many projects, campaigns, writings and ideas to list over my 20 years. Most have been for companies I worked for full-time. Below are a few examples.

A recent project I did was for someone starting their own financial coaching business. He wanted a name for his company as well as a logo. Turns out, he got even more! The tricky part was that he was focusing on churches and religious establishments as his least at the beginning. So, I wanted it to ring true in that market, but not be limtied to that market either for when he grew. The future, planning and knowing the steps to take, are critical when it comes to finances. Many people and businesses have looked back and said, "IF" I had only done this or that and "IF" I had only started this years ago...

The company name is: Inspired Finance.

When I say he got even more, the possibilities for campaigns are wide open! By going with the name Inspired Finance, he can utilize the "IF" into messaging like you see here. And there are many other possibilities! I look forward to expanding the messaging for this new, inspired brand!

Inspired Finance logo by Marc
Inspired Finance Messaging by Marc

This project goes back to the year 2012. It started then with my full-time employer. This is a slogan and a campaign. And I am so certain of the legs of this campaign that I truly believe it is still strong today and could be for many years to come.

The company manufactures separation and filtration technology for the oil and gas industry. And yes, it is a simple play on words, "Separation Anxiety?", but it means a lot. Operators in refineries and other process plants deal with challenges that indeed cause, safety, environmental...all types of anxiety. And many of their challenges can be solved with efficient and reliable separation and filtration equipment. And on top of all that, no one in the oil and gas industry is doing messaging like this or a campaign like this!


There were and are many aspects to the campaign, but the power behind it comes from the series of videos created with a character, "Dr. Grace, Separation Anxiety Therapist".


The videos to the right are case studies, written as therapist scenes, where the customer is the patient and the therapist is Dr. Grace. All of the conversation is case study information, with a just a couple of jokes included. I wrote the scripts by turning the case studies into conversations (9 in total, plus many other tip-style videos) while collaborating with Gordon Productions. I was also present during the shoots and was heavily involved in the direction and production of the shoots.

This campaigns extends to other videos, like short application tips by Dr. Grace as well as marketing collateral, print advertising, social media and the term "Separation Anxiety?" being used on promotional items, including eye masks for sleeping! Clever, right?

I worked for a great company that sold new, but classic Volkswagen parts. They targeted VW enthusiasts who ranged from owners of the Beetle, Bus, Karmann Ghia, Thing, etc. This was a catalog company that had only advertised in car magazines with two page spreads full of parts and part numbers.


There was a goal to increase catalog requests, because, the more catalogs that were circulating, the more orders would come in. In case you haven't guessed, this was just before the Internet became a thing.

My job was to create a campaign to drive up catalog requests. And I must say, I did just that. They had to hire more people to answer the phones!

The campaign was a take on the old, classic VW campaigns, which were very clean and clever. There was a series of full page ads with one image, a clever headline and a few short paragraphs of text.


A few of the headlines read:

  • The Suspension Is Killing Me

  • Don't Get Caught with Your Pans Down

  • Our Models Take their Tops Off

I feel like I should explain the model headline. We sold VW Beetle cast iron models, and that ad ran in the swimsuit issue (yes, it was a car magazine in the 90's),  There were many other ads in the series and the impact was amazing on the business!

The Suspension is Killin Me by Marc
VW Parts Campaign by Marc
Our Models Take Their Top Off by Marc

This superhero campaign highlighted the strengths of these valves as other worldly! Extreme temperatures and conditions that could only be handled by a superhero. Each ad was a superhero strength, just like Superman, "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!" It also brought to light that there was no comparison to other valves.

The other, smaller set of ads focused on pressure relief valves that are the reliable, last line of defense when it comes to protecting people and plants. But the other neat part of these is using people as part of the message. People feel pressure to perform in the jobs and they obviously want to be safe at work, so bringing forward people in a product-based ad was a nice marriage. 

Superhero Campaign Ads by Marc