• marc


1. Create content. And don’t stop.

2. Use popular hash tags on every post.

3. Use at least top 4 platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn but don’t be afraid of trying new things like Pinterest, Tik Tok, etc.

4. Create content based on what people are searching on Google (yes, that information is available to anyone).

5. Be consistent and persistent in your posting Let go of likes and shares. They don’t matter.

6. Include a call to action in posts, be it interaction like a poll or survey or to go to a website or contact you.

7. Involve others in your content - conduct interviews, spotlight involved people/companies like vendors or suppliers.

8. Utilize your own network outside of social, including your contacts in your phone, to follow and recruit for you to gain more eyeballs.

9. Follow, follow and follow others and interact with posts from companies and people you want to do business with!

10. Don’t judge! Just keep posting and don’t let production quality stop you! Frequency and quantity matter more.

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