• marc

2 Life Concepts as Marketing Concepts

I have been inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk lately. Two messages he preaches that have sunk in with me are:

1. There are no shortcuts. Work hard at something you love and be patient (and for me that is persistent).


2. Be kind. It will win every time.

It’s not that I haven’t heard those things before or even practice them…on occasion, on and off. Today and lately, those things are ringing in my head louder and clearer than ever before.

How do those relate to marketing? They relate directly and poignantly.

Okay, of course working hard applies to just about anything that you are wanting to achieve. And that it’s not that ‘hard’ if you love doing what you are doing. But the patience thing strikes me. All too often, marketers don’t have the data over time to come to a clear conclusion, and I may add to that, sometimes, pull the plug on something too early even after they think enough data is collected.

What is enough? How many times have you seen what you think is bad advertising, for instance, that stays around forever? And you remember it!

Marketers are trained to analyze and adjust to optimize results. Gary also preaches that the Internet has officially put quantity in the driver’s seat over quality when it comes to content. I’m a little torn with that. I get the point, but well thought out ideas, messaging and campaigns usually carry more weight than hours of blah-blah-blah. I think. :)

Be kind.

Ahhh, I've been told I'm nice more in my life than just about anything else. Not too shabby in my opinion. I've always had distain for the 'nice guys finish last' crap. The challenge for me, is to be kind to myself and love myself. And not fake it with others. Share happiness and be genuine with others. You do get more with honey and that is absolutely true.

When it comes into marketing, the word that equates to kindness for a business, business owner, manager, sales person...anyone...is GENUINE. Be Genuine. As a company and a brand, be who you are. THAT will ring true to customers and prospects every time.