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3 Things to Make Your Business Unique

1. YOU

Whether you sell pizza or insurance, build outdoor patios or sell water purification equipment, there is something about your business that makes it unique, even from your direct competitors.

The answer is:

Seriously. I'm not trying to be cliché. The number one differentiator is you. It is you being authentic and transparent with your customers, employees and prospects. Don't play games, be heartfelt, share your visions and be honest. Authentic is the key word for me. It may require some self discovery, because some leaders may think that authentic means, "I authentically care about money. Period." That's not what I mean. There is a deeper reason you run a business, other than making money. When you discover that, be authentic and communicate THAT.


Another way to differentiate yourself is to execute. Execute on the best quality you can produce. Execute on attentive service. Execute on the blah, blah, blah speak that is "we deliver quality product and excellent service".

Take an interest in your customers. OVER deliver. EVERY time. It will come back to you multiple times over again. I personally get so excited to get a new referral, call or email. I am so jazzed to be able to help another human and strive to bring more value than what they expect.


Give, give, give. You have knowledge in your industry/field that will help customers and prospects. The more you give away, the more you will get. A restaurant that amazing food and impeccable service could give away 50 free meals with no restrictions. If their food and service really does stand up and the diner has a flawless experience, that one meal investment will come back to you in at least another paid visit and referrals if not many more.

If you're a sprinkler repair company, write on your website about ways to check your sprinkler heads or program your system. Yes, that is something you may charge people to do, but people that want to do it themselves, will do it themselves. You may as well have your brand in front of them when they look up a DIY. Then, when they have a larger project, they will call you. PLUS, when you produce this type of content on the web, you are building strong SEO (search engine optimization) and the more you do, the more likely people searching sprinkler companies on Google will find you.

Giving is making. Making content that is relevant and HELPFUL to your audience. The more you do that, the more value you create. And value creates customers.

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