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What is a Customer Persona? A Person.

Many marketing and sales minded people look at leads as potential sales and revenue. I’d like to propose to look at leads as people. Because they are. The result of beginning a relationship with a person, may indeed lead to a business transaction. But all transactions begin and usually end with the relationship with a person. Most of the time, companies experience attrition because they lack excellent service and customer-minded individuals who make the customers needs a priority.

The difference between business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) marketing and selling is not really too different because in both instances, PEOPLE are making the buying decisions. Their behaviors, timeline and process will vary in how they buy and make decisions, but they are still people. People with Facebook pages that connect them to their grandchildren and people who go to concerts in the park and wish they could travel more. Or people that communicate more using Snapchat than the speaking on the phone (or even in person), struggle with getting to class on time and having enough money for food, books and going out on Saturday night.

The differences can be vast and while technology zips along faster and faster, we still want and need to connect with people. So, remember that the next lead, list, audience, or event attendee all have eyes to look into and their own story they can tell. Maybe take the time to listen to it. You may be surprised how grateful they are and how you just may find that being genuine can lead to great relationships…and then, lots of sales.

Marketers need to think the same way. When a marketing person creates content and creates a message that they so desperately hope resonates and gets a target audience to respond to, those same thoughts should be in their mind. It may not always be direct human contact that happens or can happen, but that humanity should go into the work done by that copywriter, designer, art director, producer, editor, etc.

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