• marc

Tips for Content Marketing Creation and Re-Purposing

Knowledge sharing is where it's at. The value you bring to your customers and potential customers is far beyond what you are actually selling or offering. We all know that having great relationships is the ultimate branding you can do for your company, but bringing them the value of your expertise will create fans for life.

Creating the tree for which branches grow

Let's say you have a landscaping company. Lawn care for the homeowner is a great topic to tackle. Things that the homeowner can do themselves that will keep their lawn, plants, flowers and trees looking beautiful and the value of their home up. Work on creating an in depth video that walks through weeding and feeding, watering and mulching for instance. That script and video is your tree. From that tree, you can create short tips as small video clips, a blog, PDF downloads, web pages, etc. The branches are practically limitless!

Once you have your tree and build a branch and continue to build branches, you can push them out, share them and set yourself up as an expert in your industry.

As a consumer, isn't that someone you want to work with? Big company or small business...I know I want an expert that is going to provide value to me.

Here is a list of examples of different things you can do with one piece of content:

  • Video - the KING of media. Even if it's just with your phone...it's the winner, winner chicken dinner! Be it long form or clips that are tips - BOTH actually!

  • Case study, white paper, brochure, flyer PDF for emailing and downloading - could be used as lead generation from ads, on your website

  • Website itself - creating one or multiple web pages on the topic or sub-topics

  • Blog entry

  • Webinars/webcasts

  • Podcast

  • Infographics

  • Interactive social posts, like surveys or polls

  • Posts on all social media channels that fit their criteria and how info is consumed (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube...)

  • Customer testimonials

  • Advertisements

I bet you can think of more!