• marc

How to Get Started with Digital Marketing with ONE Thing

Digital marketing can be overwhelming. Paralyzing even. Be it the technical how-to, the strategy, the creativity, the leg work. Hmm…well, yeah, I can see how it can get overwhelming. But I want to give a message to those that are stuck at zero. The business owners, companies without a marketing person, entrepreneurs, etc.

You probably have some sort of digital presence, like a website and a social media presence like a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn page, etc. If not, please do give me a shout! This is about keeping all those avenues lit up and moving with traffic. I see A LOT of company accounts and pages that sit stagnant.

My suggestion is to do one thing that will help with all of it. One starting point. Create an email newsletter to send out to your customer base, prospects and anyone else that would like to subscribe to it. You decide if you want it to be weekly, monthly (recommended), quarterly.

You can absolutely hire someone, internally or externally, or work with an outside agency that is going to dazzle you with all the digital possibilities. Again, paralyzing for many.

Do one thing. An email company newsletter.

Here are my five steps to how:

1. List For starters, your customers. That alone will help you! Communicating with your customer base with updates, new information, tips, etc. It cuts down on attrition and it bolsters repeat customers and upselling. All you really need is at least one email address for each customer. But if you can populate your list with first and last name, company name, title and phone, you’ll be much happier over time because of what you can do with that information in the future.

Next, is adding prospect or potential email addresses to that list. These sales leads are the ones you are already obtaining and any future leads that you generate or come to you. Just make it a habit to always ask them if they would like to receive your informative email newsletter. I’m not going to get into the lead generation part here, but I will in a future “idea”.

If you have employees, I would include them on your list as well.

2. Content This is the part that requires the most work, but also the part that creates the most value for those receiving your email newsletter. My suggestion is to choose three pieces of content to share. Just three per newsletter. Here are some ideas for that content (again, pick 3 per newsletter):

a. Product/service highlight and “if you have this, you could use this…” recommendations

b. New product announcements

c. Sales and promotions

d. How-to information

e. Company news and updates – employee introductions, did-you-knows, history, upcoming changes, events, tradeshows,

f. Customer highlight or testimonial (with their permission first)

g. Industry insight

h. Always include call to action in your newsletter for people to call, come in, visit your website and follow you on social media.

This information can be delivered as a page on your website, a video, a PDF brochure/article or even a page hosted on the email software you use.

3. Tool/Software Perfect lead in, right? There are easy to use, affordable websites, like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and many others that help you build your newsletter, manage your list, track activity and make sure your unsubscribes are managed correctly. That last one is critical, because if you decide to send your email newsletter out via Outlook, Gmail or other, you have to manage it manually and that is way more work.

If you are intimidated by using one of these sites/tools, they have very good tutorials and help sections and usually have support on the phone. You can ALWAYS use YouTube as a resource also.

4. You’ve sent it…now what? Share! Putting the work into content for your newsletter opens up a huge opportunity to share the specific topics in your newsletter as well as your newsletter overall (to get subscriptions). LinkedIn, Facebook and all social media platforms are perfect avenues beyond email itself. The email newsletter also gives you the opportunity to encourage people to follow you on those platforms.

5. Persistence The key to this process is to keep at it. Keep building your list, keep creating content and keep sharing. If you miss an issue, do the next one as soon as you can!