• marc

How a female Sports Clips hairstylist can get more clients

I would create separate business social accounts from personal social media. Doing this does mean managing multiple accounts on the different social platforms.


Question 1: WHO is your main client?

“Sports Clips” is definitely mostly men, adults from 18-99. While I may cut kids hair, the adults are the ones that make the appointments and spend the money.

Question 2: WHERE are the eyes of your main client base? This means what social platforms are they using?

Stats are that men 40 and up are using Facebook and since these guys will be the more frequent clients and better tippers, I would say that Facebook (business page and profile) should be a strong focus. That being said, I would not ignore Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

I would also create a personalized logo with your name and photo with the Sports Clips logo. Example:

Question 3: WHAT does your client want?

Okay, duh, a haircut. But they want a quick, easy experience with a friendly, sweet person and the sports angle already attracts guys.

Question 4: WHY you? What’s the difference?

This is where content comes into play. Promote being welcoming, nice, talented, creative and fun. But the differentiator is the CARE YOU GIVE. Yes, provide a quick haircut, but you will care of them, giving a great haircut that will leave them feeling great about themselves, all at an affordable price. People want to know what is in it for THEM!

The last question is…

HOW do you deliver the message to the right people, at the right time?

This is where CONTENT and creativity comes into play! And because it’s sports and guys and haircuts that are quick and easy, your content should be light and fun and simple.

So here are some ideas:

“I’m in your corner!”

Photo of you in your Sports Clips uniform, but holding a metal bucket, towel over your shoulder, a small stool and maybe boxing or MMA gloves over your shoulder too.

The copy idea is: “Whatever fights and battles you have in life and during the week, I’m in your corner. Pull up a seat and I will give you the haircut you want and get you back in the ring looking great!

Could also do a video with you dressed up AS a boxer – use audio “let’s get ready to rumble” – and use copy that says “knocking out haircuts left and right, like a champ!

“Let me do the dirty work…and clean you up!”

Football theme – jersey – close up headshot with eye black on

Time to lace ‘em up? Whether you are watching from home, going to a game, tailgating or playing in the game yourself, come see me in plenty of time to make sure you’re feeling as good as you look!

“Blow the whistle on bad hair styles!”

Image: Referee outfit with whistle in mouth and images of different or bad/cheesy hair styles below you.

Copy: “Don’t be penalized with a bad haircut! Come see me for a more than fair haircut!

There are tons of sports concepts: baseball, hockey (funny opportunity with tooth blackout and black eye make-up), bowling, golf…so many ideas!

With every post, there should be a clear call to action about getting APP, checking in and SPECIFICALLY REQUESTING YOU!

If you did 5-7 posts a week on Facebook and Instagram alone…I think you’d see a tremendous impact, but you’d have to be consistent and persistent. On Instagram, use hashtags, especially locally focused. And also follow and friend tons of local businesses – that will help get more followers.

Lastly, I would recommend approaching local and close proximity businesses personally, while dressed in work uniform, with business cards and offer the best haircut to all the people in that business.