• marc

I have an insatiable desire to give

I am enamored by actors and the craft of acting. I took a few acting classes at one time and did some community theater. I loved it! So much so, I toyed with the 'what if' factor. What if I had discovered my love of it earlier? What if it's not too late? Well, it's not too late, but if I can get that feeling from community theater, then that is enough and I can do that whenever I want!

I bring up acting because I learned that the best actors are the most generous on stage (or in scenes during filming). They give hard...of themselves, to their fellow actors. Their goal is do everything in their power to make their fellow actors, scene partners shine and feel comfortable and safe to fully get into the scene and character. I'm also enamored by this intense need for self awareness. How can they play a part or role without being self aware? They have to be. And that means calling things out about themselves that they may or may not like and shining a light on it.

Business leaders should really have that same head space. Some do. Many don't. In fact, if you want to lead anything or anyone, including your own career, you need to become super self-aware and continue to explore, look, listen and think about yourself, how you act, who you are and why. And, how can you keep improving? It's life therapy.

I'm also fascinated with leaders of business and people who are life coaches and influencers (much newer word in the world today). I was into that stuff back in the 80's and everyone that knew that I was thought I was a coo-koo for cocoa puffs. I participated in self awareness seminars from the time I was 16 through 22 years old. I was so into it, I almost went down the path of being a facilitator for those seminars and then thinking about becoming a counselor or phycologist.

today's idea is more of a blog post about this guy (marc) that keeps writing ideas.

I became hyper aware of a fact about myself today...I have an insatiable desire to give. I have almost always looked at that from a negative perspective. Meaning, I say to myself, "I am a people pleaser and I should be a me pleaser." Yikes, that sounds bad. Or "I seek approval too much need people to like me." Maybe. But, today's hyper awareness of it made me let go of the negative and accept it. I really want to give of my time, energy, caring, listening and sometimes money (when I can) to help other people.

Why else are we here on this planet? To acquire as much stuff and live the dream on a beach somewhere or in a mansion in the Hamptons? Maybe that would be cool. But then what would you do? I ask the lottery question of myself A LOT. What would you do if you won the lottery? Say 300 million dollars? Cue everyone's answer: quit my job, travel the world, buy a giant house and super cool crap. Okay, after all that...then what?

What are you going to do?

My answer is...find ways to GIVE. Well guess what? I don't need the lottery for that. I'll just fast forward ahead right to that part.

While I do have this belief that you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others, I think that can be taken too much as a hard and fast rule. I think the way to think about that is, don't hurt yourself in order to help others. Because, sometimes, sacrificing some of you is exactly what giving is. And I find it amazingly satisfying.

I want to help and give to and make a difference for other people. I think that's why I enjoy being a parent so much. It's a lot of that.

Do I want to receive too? Uh, yeah. And while I do receive a lot from giving, there's a part of me that expects that if I continue to give, things will come back to me, vis-à-vis karma.

All that being said, I think it's kind of funny that I consider myself somewhat cynical and judgmental too. I am definitely an optimist, but I have that side of me as well. I guess we all do on some level. No one is just ONE way, all the time. Even the insanely happy Gary V gets upset...when the Jets lose.

I may do another post that explores ways to give, for me or anyone.