• marc

Marketing Ideas for a Texas Bed & Breakfast and Venue

I met with some incredible people when I visited Historic Hill House & Farm in Willis, TX! The property is gorgeous and as a venue, it is IDEAL for weddings, corporate events and of course couple getaways!

Below is my bombardment of ideas for content and experience marketing for them!

  • Content is key! Content that brings value...that GIVES to the ecosystem you are trying to reach is golden. The INTENT of your content is imperative and authenticity is the word that struck me with Historic Hill House & Farm. Your content should reflect that.

  • Post and don't judge - across multiple platforms and daily. Video, photos, tips, ideas, testimonials....you name it, there is no wrong answer if the intent is spot on.

  • Capture people's experience! Reality TV Testimonial Room. Have an opportunity for guests to give video testimonials for posting and sharing during and at the end of their visit.

  • Incentivize guests to document, post, tag their stays - prizes, discounts, etc.

  • Content idea: Funny myths, misconceptions or cliche's about B&B's - video and/or photos with copy (always have text with photos, like on Instagram...write, write, WRITE!)

  • Take the opportunity to be a voice of the industry by starting a VLOG and/or Podcast! B&B's, Texas Getaways, Weddings, Corporate Events and Parties, Executive Retreats...interview all of the vendors and suppliers that go into what you do and offer. DJ's and Bands, decorators, wedding planners, travel agents, photographers, caterers, etc. It gives exposure to others while making you the thought leader in the area and industry. It's pretty easy to come up with and ask questions and let your guests go! And I bet some fun stories would come from many people as well. The leg work comes up front with booking guests, setting aside the time and place and the equipment (doesn't have to elaborate at all...like, a phone and maybe a tripod).

  • Utilize groups in social - Facebook groups - local and Houston, wedding planning, corporate, food, travel, bed and breakfasts, Texas getaways, but also state groups and other areas, Beaumont, Ft. Worth/Dallas, Austin, Lubbock, etc.

  • Paid - target ads on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn - easy to budget control and super targeted.

  • Create a LinkedIn page and start creating connections/followers of the page in the Houston and surrounding area - business people, execs, etc. There is messaging to develop around this target and I think it could be really good.

  • YouTube - video is life. Create a channel and post all videos to it and use those through other social. Could also look at paid advertising on YouTube - with the right targeting, could really prove to be a new level of digital marketing - the new TV!

  • Drive people to Twitter - consider a different strategic approach to messaging on Twitter to drive interest. It may not be the #1 platform, but it's a wide reach.

There is a ton of opportunity and potential for this great place! Visit them at https://www.historichillhouse.com/