• marc

Marketing is a Salesperson's Armory

Arming a sales team with an arsenal or tool kit of CONTENT (materials) that helps them sell is a big part of being a marketer. It's called "Sales Enablement". It's only a portion of the role that I have held for a few companies over the years, but it is a critical portion.

Some of pieces of content that marketers can provide to arm a sales person include:

Videos, animations, sales brochures, white papers, case studies, testimonials, presentations, infographics, market research/studies, application analysis, demo signage and material and even promotional items.

Repurposing content is so important, meaning it is very helpful to use the same content or parts of it in different deliverables mentioned above.

One of my favorite things to use to connect marketing to sales is using a sales enablement platform, like Bigtinan Hub, which is a self-contained APP on a tablet or phone so you can have all your content at the fingertips of the sales person. This APP is also can link to a CRM to be able to capture lead information.