• marc

Mattress Store Campaign: A Sleepover!

Mattress stores are ruthless competitors, especially here in the Houston area. There is a clear leader. His nick name has the word in it!

But smaller stores and maybe even larger brand name franchise stores may find this idea interesting. In fact, it may have been done before. I haven't Googled it (on purpose), so I just wanted to ramble about the possibility.

Throw a Sleepover!

A mattress store throws a party and sleepover for people who enter a drawing. Potentially, the entry requires a purchase of a mattress - all who purchase, are entered to win if they are interested. Or you let anyone enter that is looking to buy and you offer discounts the next morning and maybe giveaway one of them as well (in the morning).

You could even make it a contest to choose sleepover people. Have people submit a one minute video, either making a commercial for the store or explaining their need for a new mattress.

The evening can be filled with food and music from contributing companies. Tie the sleepover in with a specific mattress brand possibly.

Support the event and promotion with:

  • Press releases to local media

  • Email campaign

  • Live Facebook feeds, videos and/or photos of people registering to win

  • Live Facebook feed the night of the party and lots of photos

  • Video interviews of sleepover attendees

  • In-store promotions leading up to event.

With guidelines, security, the right to choose who you want, it could turn into a fun, attention getting event. I am sure there are even more good ideas that can be hashed out around an event like this!