• marc

Marketing Idea for a Nail Salon

I am going to utilize some of my "today's idea" posts to share ideas that I have for campaigns. From the specific, like today's idea, to some general ones. To me, this is an example of me just wanting to be helpful. There's no hook, no deeper sales meaning for me, it's just sharing creative things I think would work for businesses. Some will be cheesy, if not most, but it shouldn't be surprising what works these days. I used a play on words for a long running campaign in a job I had, that was just odd enough to get a lot of attention.

This one is for nail salons.

Nails for nails would target men in your area.

The message is:

"Guys, come in and get a free box of nails"!

This is two-fold now; build up male clientele...men can come in and get a manicure or pedicure and get their free box of nails. Or, men, bring in your wife, mom, daughter or girlfriend for a manicure or pedicure and get a free box of nails. $5 or $6 will get you a box at a local hardware store, so you're still making money with that kind of discount.

You can target locally in multiple ways, of course on Facebook with it your own page, in groups and via targeted ads. You can utilize Google pay-per-click ads, also extremely targeted, which will make it for affordable and narrowed down by zip code if you want. Maybe give out cards to your existing clients to drum up referrals through this campaign effort. There is also local advertising of course, which is usually affordable, both online and in print.

Has this been done by someone before? Possibly. Don't let that stop you. It's clever and should get some people to take action.

On a side note, is entrepreneurial nail technician a thing? Are there women who go around to homes and businesses and do mobile nails? I just Googled it and it is. I wonder if it would be lucrative for an entrepreneur? Could focus on after hours and go to homes, lunch breaks at businesses or high-end areas where executives and stay-at-home Mom's are more likely. Hmm...just a thought...or idea. :)