• marc

Publishers need embrace the digital world

I speak to a lot of publishing companies, especially sales people who sell advertising. Some of them are embracing the digital world and some still want me to print, fill out and fax them back (I know, I couldn't believe it either).

As I continue to work with digital partners and vendors, I realize more and more that publishers and companies who sell advertising should be hiring people who are experts in search engine marketing / pay per click (PPC) and remarketing on Facebook and other social platforms. Then, offer packages that include are established to target people their customers are wanting to reach.

Even if I have to buy a print ad as part of that package, it is worth getting the data, flexibility and reach in this digital world.

A Note About Vendors and Service Providers and Customer Service

I get really pissed off at companies that say they are in your corner but go along as 'business as usual', meaning they aren't really kicking ass FOR YOU. They aren't doing everything they can, even beyond the scope of what they quoted, to make you happy and successful. I get it, business needs to be run, but if you have a paying customer, then bust your ass for them. Show them the value of the relationship, otherwise, you can throw that relationship out the window.