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Read the Headlines, well, Mine Anyway

Many hair loss ads are scientific in nature, usually with tons of verbiage, technical information and drawings/images. I wrote this ad for a copywriting class MANY years ago (like 20+) and it was featured in their catalog the next semester. The class was taught at an ad agency in Seattle and by a copywriter at that agency. This mock-up is a quick re-creation of the ad. The one I did for the school was simply one real single strand of hair.

That was the 2nd time in my career I thought about leaving the corporate or business-to-business marketing world for agency life, which is how I thought I would start my career (1st time I thought it). No regrets, but the idea of being a creative director for an agency is an exciting thought. I always use to say that I would be "pitching Pepsi" in NYC someday. I may not be good enough for that, but I can dream and keep getting better.

I love the conceptual and copywriting side as much as any part of the creative process!

Some other examples I enjoyed writing:

Inspired Finance

This was a company naming and logo job for a financial coach.

I also wrote some copy he could use:

IF you plan for your future

IF you take smart steps

IF you act now with Inspired Finance

Separation Anxiety?

That was for campaign for an oil & gas filtration company. The biggest part of the campaign was a video series of case studies as therapy sessions with a Separation Anxiety Therapist. Watch one of the videos.

Advancing the Science of Separation

For the same oil & gas filtration company, this headline communicated the importance of the science side of the business and that success of its clients were because of the work in the lab and field that revolved around testing and validation.

We've Got Chemistry

For an ink manufacturer, a campaign that cleverly communicates two things. One, the importance of and top of the industry science/chemistry behind the ink and fluids the company makes as well as the relationships they have with their customers.

Product Naming

I have written / created product names for the same ink manufacturer. The need was for private label printers. Some of those include: Precision Series, DuraCode, Atomic Series and MacroCode.

These are some examples, but I will continue to post new ideas I have, even for companies that haven't retained my services!