• marc

SEO, I Love You

I am not a SEO (search engine optimization) expert. I know a good amount but I work with a third party to manage and optimize website content that I create and publish. I have learned a lot on my own and in working with this company.

One thing I have learned is that Google is...the world, basically. It has become a verb. You don’t search for something, you Google it. It has become the Kleenex to tissue or the Xerox to copies (maybe Xerox has faded, but it did at one point). If you, as a company, are not focused on making your website’s presence stronger on Google, then you are not doing the one thing that will help you grow. If everyone is going there...you want to be there when your potential customers are there, searching for and finding results and clicking.

You can accomplish a lot of website optimization by doing your own research and learning from Google itself on how to optimize your site. Platforms like Wix.com (for building websites) help with SEO wizards as well. Google has a large/long algorithm to determine how optimized a site is. For big sites and big companies, I recommend using a third party that is a Google Partner and have people who are well versed in that ever changing algorithm. For small companies, I think doing the basics, which are easy to learn, is great. And then you can continue to improve your position on Google over time.

Add PPC for targeted ads If you are going to spend money on advertising, start here, with pay per click advertising on Google. I don’t care what size company you are. You can manage your budget and only pay for clicks you get. And, you can make changes instantly. And talk about targeted? I mean, granular location and keyword targeting, that again, you can instantly make changes to. Before you spend money on PPC, make sure you have a website and know your goal (drive traffic to your site, make you phone ring, drive foot traffic into your location). That may sound obvious, but I’ve met a lot of interesting people and companies who have needed to hear that.