• marc

How to Market a Product Launch

Let’s walk through a product launch or any product you want to market. You need to introduce this new shiny widget to the market and ramp up sales. Creating a marketing launch for that widget should include an array of efforts that all support one another. Here’s what I do for that widget launch.

o Know what you are talking about (Product Research) Learn as much as you can from the product or subject expert and gather as much information as you can. What does it do? How does it do that? What’s it made of? What different about that compared to similar products? Where and how is it made? Is it tested or put through quality control (QC), and if so, how? Is someone specific involved in making it, like a PhD or chemist or specific type of machine specialist?

o Know who you are talking to and why (Market Research) Understand your target market if they differ from other products in your company. I would think you know them already if they are same. Demographics like titles, gender, age, location, etc. Answer questions like: Why is your target audience going to buy this? What are their current issues around this type of product and application? How does THIS widget solve that problem? Why is that important to them?

o Know what you want to say - Messaging All of the answers to those research questions lead you to what to say about it and to your target audience. The challenge then comes in packaging it creatively, cleverly and making it interesting with a clear call to action.

o Visuals are important. How can you demonstrate? Can you show it being used? Being made? Use video or animation, including great photos. Can you track or document trials and testing? This is jumping off content that can and should be re-purposed in many different ways.

o Marketing Material - Put together marketing material – short and long form sales brochures, flyers, etc. Is there an operations manual you can pull information from? And that manual is part of the sales toolkit also.

o Test testimonial – can a customer try it before launch and can you capture that on video and in writing (with their permission of course)?

o Press – write a press release and distribute to either local, national or trade media (journalists, editors, magazines, news outlets, TV, bloggers, etc.). Follow up with direct phone calls and emails to editors and producers.

There's a lot more to a product launch that includes market data, training of sales team and things that are usually handled by other positions in larger organizations. This whole process is scalable and can and should be applied even at the smaller business level.