• marc

What is your brand?

Today's idea is a short but sweet point:

Your brand is how your customers feel about you. Your brand is built by the service you provide through the relationships and trust you build with customers, partners and vendors.

Your visual brand should definitely be consistent and relevant to you and your company, Logo, things your logo goes on (identity materials), and campaigns you run, are all ways to help you grow and spread your brand. But you don’t have a good brand without an excellent customer experience and unless your customers rave about you!

[I'm adding to this post some months later...]

If service is your brand, then do everything you can to give your customer what they want. Within reason. If it's something you CAN do but isn't what you usually do or have never done, then consider doing it.

Doing what we've always done will get you what you always have gotten. I think that came out right grammatically.

On other note, a strong brand can and should be achieved by the marketing you put into the brand. The look and feel as I said above, but what about the information and help you provide your customer? The content that will help with their needs or wants? Gary Vee said that Nike is just a sneaker made in China. Anyone can make a sneaker in China and sell it in the U.S. or anywhere. But they built a brand through relationships (Michael Jordan) and many, many others as well as events, advertising and promotions.

You don't have to get a 'Jordan' to build your brand, but it does take interacting with others and coming up with creative ways to build relationships. The idea of the Air Jordan line within the Nike brand is genius. He could have just done it himself, but they sold the equity of the swoosh to him somehow.

So, what does that mean to you and your company and your brand? Think creatively, build relationships and find ways to include your logo and URL with others...websites, publications, articles, events, people and if you can, spend some money on Google Ads and on Facebook etc.

Logo and Messaging

Find the benefit to you customer. Create killer messaging for that benefit and your customer and hammer it with your logo. Just Do It for Nike is amazing. This is a simple but not always easy step. We can always brainstorm together if you want!