• marc

What's your idea?

I would love to hear from you on your idea or multiple ideas. I know things hit me all the time, like "this restaurant should do this" or "this company should do that" or "they should really make something that does so-and-so" or largest life thoughts.

I bet you have at least one thing you've said in passing that are probably very good ideas. Most of you have probably posted them on social media already! LOL But you can shout it out again!

Here are some of mine and not all are original ideas, but who said they had to be?

  • Tide Pods shouldn't look like candy

  • Removable vinyl should replace permanent stickers...everywhere.

  • Is there a reason gum is as expensive as it is? Wonder what the margins are on gum.

  • People and companies who claim to have all the answers or the perfect way to do something...can shove it. There is no proven formula for success. It depends on the person, the customer, the company - so many variables. I don't have all the answers, as a marketer, to make a company grow leaps and bounds, but I have the heart and passion to be a part of the journey!

I don't mean for this to be about motivational thoughts, but here are some of those too:

  • You don't need permission do what you love or what you want.

  • You're not lazy in general. You're lazy about the things you don't like. Find what you like and you won't be lazy.

  • You can be a leader and be kind at the same time.

  • Care more about what you think of you, than anyone else - and then, think great things!

  • Think of your greatest 'what ifs' and live like that now.

Let me hear one of your ideas!